One Must Fall 2097 (Main Menu by Kenny Chow) (Cover) [2016]


This is a cover of Kenny Chow‘s piece “One Must Fall 2097’s Main Menu theme” released by EpicMegaGames for the PC.

I think the piece this is based on is superb. Compositionally and melodically it’s just about perfect. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the original is that Mr Chow managed to write a piece of music which has brought joy to so many using only 4 channels (due to various limitations of tracker programs used in the early 90s). To me that’s astounding, especially in a day where modern DAWs have essentially limitless audio channels available.

I used to listen to this as I did my homework when I was a kid. I am surprised that I didn’t think about trying to do a cover of this earlier.

I originally intended to do a pretty extensive remix, but honestly I don’t see much reason to mess around with something that’s already very good.  Based on that, I have stuck pretty faithfully to the original and had a lot of fun doing it too.

Thanks for the inspiration Kenny, and indirectly encouraging me to make music.

The illustration was created by Arthur Gardner (Aardcore).

You can listen to this piece here or check its YouTube video.